Example: HEYMon at Focqueue Corporation

Now that you have seen how to use HEYMonSQL, let's go over a working HEYMon configuration to show a real-world example.
We will be using a simple configuration from the Focqueue Corporation as our example. Click here to see the HEYMon job.properties configuration.
If you check the job.properties you will see that there are 3 jobs configured with the following job names and types:

Since we will be using HMSQL to interact with HEYMon, the configured job names are very important to know.
When you query HEYMon for all of its tables using DESCRIBE DATABASE you will get back a list that represents the job names configured for HEYMon in job.properties. You will also get back some base job types that allow the user to configure a job which is not defined in job.properties, such as WebView, SystemInfo, and WindowsService.

The system administrator over at Focqueue decided to turn-up the HEYMon engine on the server CheezeWiz with the HMSQL Server enabled.
Now that we know where HEYMon is, we can fire off some HMSQL queries and find out more about what is being monitored.
In the next section we will setup a client and start issuing queries to HEYMon.

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