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Here is the latest news about HEYMon:

Announcing HEYMon 3.7 with HEYMonSQL

18 October 2015

In HEYMon 3.6 we introduced HEYMonSQL (HMSQL) as an add-on component for HEYMon. HMSQL is Structured Query Language (SQL) for systems and application monitoring.
With the release of HEYMon 3.7, HMSQL is now integrated with HEYMon and allows you to manage HEYMon, the HEYMon jobs, and on-demand jobs when you want to know more about your enterprise. HMSQL will allow an administrator to execute SQL commands which tell HEYMon to perform monitoring jobs.
An example of a SQL request to check for a running process on the server MyServer looks like this in HMSQL:


This SQL command will return the value 'TRUE' if the process is running, otherwise 'FALSE'.

HMSQL works with most of the HEYMon Job types, and can be used to check on configured jobs and recent alerts.

HEYMon 3.6 is Released!

01 April 2014

HEYMon 3.6 was released today! This release of HEYMon contains internal changes to improve performance, reduce memory usage, and to run as an embedded monitor.
With this release, HEYMon can now be used to monitor a system or mobile device while running as an embedded process.
There are many different uses for an embedded system monitor:

  • System configuration change management
  • File or Directory changes
  • USB device and Drive Mount changes
  • Process creation or termination
  • Memory and diskspace levels for alerts and for run-time sampling

And much more!

Here is the official fix and feature list for HEYMon 3.6:

  • Added Job Types for 'Day of Week' processing, Subversion changes, File and Directory changes, and external device/usb/disk changes
  • Changed all Query jobs to allow column totals and to notify if no records.
  • Fixed NPE when user-defined SQL produces derived columns with null values in the ResultSet
  • Changed thread type of job workers to provide cleaner process termination

HEYMon 3.6 Release details

25 February 2014

HEYMon 3.6 will be our next release and should be available sometime before 01 April 2014.
We originally planned to add some new Job Types and post some samples to the web site, but we went way beyond that and have a lot more to deliver for you.

HEYMon 3.6 will have the following new features when it is released:

  • Embedded Mode: You will be able to run HEYMon completely inside one server to monitor for security and compliance.
  • Android Support: You can use the HEYMon engine in your Android application to monitor memory, processes, or files. HEYMon will also be able to connect to the native SQLLite database to run database jobs.
  • New Job Types: Even more things HEYMon will be able to watch for you
  • Improved API: The Job Type interface has been simplified, and we are adding APIs to allow customized alert delivery systems such as Text Messaging.