HEYMon for Guidewire Applications

HEYMon was originally designed to monitor PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, and ClaimCenter applications by Guidewire software.
HEYMon can be utilized as a complete monitoring solution for your Guidewire distributed application.

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HEYMon can monitor numerous facets of the Guidewire software applications, such as:

Many of the standard features of Guidewire PolicyCenter, ClaimCenter, and BillingCenter can be monitored using HEYMon with only minor configuration.

Since Guidewire applications are customized for each Insurance line of business, some of our customers have used HEYMon in very creative ways to extract data from the Guidewire applications.

Customers have increased visibility into their insurance systems using HEYMon and their Guidewire applications:

With some of these custom monitoring solutions customers simply configured loggers for their Guidewire applications. The log data was monitored by HEYMon to provide alert notifications and to collect statistics.

HEYMon is extremely flexible and can help you find information about your Systems and Applications.