HEYMon is a software application which can monitor servers, applications, and processes.

HEYMon runs on Windows, Linux, MacOSX, and UNIX and can monitor any of the same platforms.

HEYMon sends out email when an alert condition is found or when a statistical value is sampled. The information collected by HEYMon can also be logged into a database.

HEYMon is simple and fast to setup using two XML-based configuration files.

HEYMon lets you control the criteria that defines what is an alert, what is information, and what is a statistic. If HEYMon can connect to it, then HEYMon can be configured to collect whatever needed.

HEYMon has a secure, web-based application that allows access to all the collected data and statistics. The web application also allows HEYMon data to be queried for analysis or for visualizations using Charts and Graphs.

HEYMon can monitor any of these information sources: