HEYMon is unconventional software

Salad Fork Ranch Software is comprised of developers that focus on compact, high-performance applications. Our goal with every new project and feature is to revisit our code numerous times and reduce the number of computations and the execution time.

We don't even start coding our projects until after we have answered this one important question:
       What is the bare minimum code structure needed to solve the problem?

Once we think we have this figured out, then we start coding for a short time and see if it works in implementation.

    Salad Fork Ranch Software - Fast. Compact. Software.

HEYMon was made to address the issues with other monitoring solutions

HEYMon was created by developers who were forced to use a myriad of systems and application monitoring software that never proved to be of any use. When there was an issue with some component or transaction in one of our distributed systems or Guidewiare applications, the monitoring applications never helped us figure out what was actually going on. As developers we built tools and took data samples from multiple points in the system to try to troubleshoot the issue and how to rectify it.

Recently, we decided to make an execution framework for our little tools and utilities and it became the beginning of what would be HEYMon.

Since we are experienced but aged developers we took the time to revisit our youth, order a metric ass-load of pizza, and then proceeded to go way overboard and create something that exceeded our expectations.

HEYMon is designed to do what you need, and not get in the way while doing it: