HEYMon Guidewire Application Performance Measurement and Monitoring

Guidewire applications represent a platform for insurance policy management, billing, and claims. Guidewire applications can be utilized by organizations to manage multiple insurance lines across multiple states.
For the majority of Guidewire customers, the size of a complete insurance system is extremely large and spans multiple servers and database systems. Additionally, insurance systems tend to be integrated with other systems that support insurance-related processes such as payment vendors, document storage, and large-scale print handling.
Deploying a Guidewire application can be a large project, and will usually span at least 18 months of development before there are any completed, test-able processes.

If you are deploying or have deployed a Guidewire application, you will want to know more about how to measure performance and load for all components in the system.
We created HEYMon as a monitoring solution for Guidewire applications and any other distributed systems in your business.

HEYMon was designed to monitor all facets of a Guidewire distributed application to provide a complete view into the performance and availability of your insurance system.
HEYMon can be used from the time you start development of your Guidewire application to well beyond the production release of the application.
To help everyone with Guidewire Application Performance Measurement and Monitoring, we have created the following guidelines and suggestions from our years of experience developing Guidewire applications and using HEYMon.
At the end of this article is a section which provides the HEYMon Job types to use for each suggested monitoring function.

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